Article Submission Guidelines

The journal "Bulletin of Agricultural Science" publishes theoretical, analytical, generalizing, adjusting and methodical articles on pressing questions of agrarian science.

Experimental articles should have the following structure: introduction (statement of the problem); analysis of the latest researches and publications in the theme under research; materials and methods (in details); results of researches (statement of basic material of the article with full substantiation of the received scientific results); conclusions and prospects for the further searches in the given direction; list of the references (in order of citing) should contain not less than 10 sources (with not less than 4 of foreign ones) - for the last 10 years, in conformity with the standard DSTU 7.1:2006, it is necessary to avoid hyperlinks (in particular on sites in the Internet, the sources should be accessible).

The manuscript should contain the following: index of UDC, title of the article in the Ukrainian, Russian and English languages, full name of the organization, the address, the initials and surnames of all authors in three languages, scientific degree, the summary (abstract) and keywords (not more than 10). Authors are responsible for accuracy and translation quality.

Abstracts with keywords in three languages should be: informative (not to contain the common words); substantial (to display the basic content of the article and results of researches); structured (aim, methods, results, conclusions, keywords); in volume of 500 signs with blanks. In abstracts of the articles which describe experimental works it is necessary to mark sources of data and character of their processing; results of work should be described extremely precisely and informatively, and also include basic theoretical and experimental results, fact sheet, revealed interrelations and laws.

Materials should be submitted on CD-R or СD-RW.

The articles should be signed by the author(s) and submitted in duplicate in volume up to 8 pages (12-14 thousand signs) (for young scientists - up to 5 pages (8-9 thousand signs)), including tables, figures, bibliography, statement with the signature of the author(s) that the article was not printed and is not submitted for publication in other edition. Text files should be typed in size of 14 points with an interval of 1,5 in a format of editor WORD 1997-2003, graphics (in particular diagrams and maps) - only gray-scale and black-and-white, in format of Excel, TIFF, EPS or PCX and be accompanied by text listing. Tables should have numbers, name and be compact. Notes to tables should be placed under them.

Figures should be made in a format which provides precise transfer of all details. The amount of illustrations should not exceed 4 - in reviews, 6 - in experimental and 2 - in the short message. Figures are supposed to have only digital and letter designations, the explanatory text should be placed in words to figures. Formulas should be typed in the editor Equation Math Type and have length which does not exceed 67,5 mm.

The manuscript should also have expert conclusion under the established form, internal review, and, if necessary, the recommendation of academic council of the organization where works (studies) the author(s) of the article.

In addition the English variant of the article in electronic kind should be submitted for accommodation on the site of the journal (the order of the Ministry of education and science, youth and sports of Ukraine from 10/17/2012 No. 1111, item 2.9 "About obligatory presence of articles in English on the web-page of the edition). Articles without English translation are not accepted. Editorial Board is not responsible for reliability of translation into English of the text of the article, transliteration of the list of references, which is submitted in Latin (desirable style АРА (htth:// according to the requirements of world abstract databases. Transliteration Ukrainian (Russian) alphabet into Latin is necessary according to decision of CMU from 1/27/2010 No. 55 . For transliteration of Russian text into Latin it is also possible to use site

On separate page it is necessary to give data about the author(s): surname, name, patronymic, scientific degree, academic status, post and place of work, city or settlement, country (if not Ukraine) - all that information in the Ukrainian, Russian and English. It is necessary to specify also service and home addresses (with postal index), service, house and mobile phones, electronic address, basic scientific interests of the author(s).

Editorial Board reserves the right for insignificant editing and reduction (with preservation of basic conclusions and style of the author(s)).

The rejected manuscripts do not come back.