09. Soya in the system of standardized source of raw materials and transfer of integrated techniques

Tymchuk V. M., Tsehmejstruk M. G., Matviiets' V. G.
Pages: 42-47.

Full article: 
The purpose. To determine the role of soya in the system of standardized source of raw materials and transfer of integrated techniques in Ukraine. Methods. Dialectic, abstract-logical, and economic-statistical. Results. Complex analysis of positioning Ukraine concerning the basic plants of monitoring of production and use of soya and products of its processing is carried out. It is shown that in medium- and long-term perspective it is necessary to orient on change of accents in effective use of the crop and its resource provision. Therefore problems of soya need to be surveyed already today under different visual angles from strategic items of SWOT-analysis in view of directions of production and consumption. Conclusions. Considering strategic importance of soya for Ukraine the integrated approach with transferring development and production to the level of standardized source of raw materials and transfer of integrated techniques is necessary. From position of national security of Ukraine and efficient implementation of competitive advantages open coordination and integration of soya in recycling, engineering and alimentary branch are selected as the important component principles. Use of methodology of formation of integrated techniques on a modular approach with necessary compensatory and active cooperation opens new organizational approaches and appreciable perspectives for implementation of genetic potential of productivity of soya.

Key words: soya bean, standardized source of raw materials, transfer of agrotechniques.

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