14. Dependence of grain productivity of winter wheat on the area of flag leaf

Protopish I. G.
Pages: 64-67.

Full article: 
The purpose. To study correlation of grain productivity of winter wheat with the area of flag leaf. Methods. Field, laboratory, statistical analysis. Results. Productivity of operation of factors of technique used in experiment is shown on parameters of the area of flag leaf and dependence on them of grain productivity of wheat. Conclusions. The area of flag leaf of wheat on bare fallow made 8754 cm2/m2, for perennial legume grasses — 7186 cm2/m2. Under condition of 1-st period of sowing parameters of the area of flag leaf made 7234 cm2/m2, of the 2-nd — 8706 cm2/m2. Straight dependence is fixed of productivity of grain of wheat on the index of the area of assimilating area of flag leaf at the level r — 0,58.

Key words: winter wheat, flag leaf, precursors, periods of sowing, cultivar, productivity of grain.

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