16. Prominent organizer of agrobiological science in Ukraine (to the 150th anniversary of S. Frankfurt)

Vergunov V. A.
Pages: 70-72.

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The purpose. To open contribution of S. Frankfurt in development of agricultural experiment work in Ukraine in 1901 – 1920. Methods. By method of historicalscientific analysis with application of archival deeds S. Frankfurt’s biobibliography is redesigned regarding scientific-organizational operation and creative works in agrobiology. Results. For the first time activity of S. Frankfurt is mapped for development of systemic investigations in sphere of agronomy, agrochemistry, especially for needs of sugar beet. Role of S. Frankfurt is opened in becoming of academic science in Ukraine. Conclusions. Importance of creative heritage of S. Frankfurt is proved for the assertion in the world practice of the concept “crop of sugar beet”, and also creation by him of Kiev school of agrochemists. For the first time his life and creative works are presented after outmigration from Ukraine in 1921.

Key words: S. Frankfurt, All-Russia company sugarworks, crop of sugar beet.

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