01. Balance of phosphorus in soil and farming agriculture of Ukraine

Nosko B. S., Babynin V. I., Gladkih Je. Ju.
Pages: 5-10.

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The purpose. To study links between amount of applied phosphate fertilizers and the content of residual phosphates, balance of phosphorus and duration of afteraction of fertilizers. Methods. Comparative-statistical methods of probes, short- and long-term observations of agrochemical soil characteristics. Laboratory-analytical probes based on the standardized procedures. Results. Dynamics is determined of changes of phosphatic regimen of typical black earth on the basis of generalization of probes on paleocrystic long fallow and alternatives with different levels of saturation with mineral and organic fertilizers. Conclusions. Duration of influence (during 25 years of after-action) is proved of reserve importation of phosphate fertilizers in dose of 1800 kg/hectare on the background of muck upon conservation in soil of the heightened content of mobile phosphorus at the level of 11,6 mg of P2O5 for 100 g of soil which differs from natural analog by greater accessibility to plant nutrition.

Key words: typical black earth, mobile phosphorus, balance, residual phosphates, after-action of phosphate fertilizers.

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