15. Influence of boars of different breeds on reproductive qualities of sows in multipedigree cross-breeding

Ushakova S. V.
Pages: 68-69.

Full article: 
The purpose. Searching of highly productive combinations of boars and sows. Methods. Material for probes — mixed sows ♂VB×♂L, impregnated by mixed boars ♂D×♂P, ♂P×♂D. Conventional procedures, index SIVYS. Results. Advantage is fixed of mixed progenies over the thoroughbred analogues on the majority of indexes. Conclusions. Productivity of boars D×P and P×D in cross-breeding with sows VB×L is determined.

Key words: cross-breeding, hybrids, reproductive qualities, large white breed, Landras, Durok, Pietren.

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