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Вергунов В.А. Історія сільськогосподарської дослідної справи в Україні. у 3 ч. / НААН, Нац. наук. с.-г. б-ка. – К.: Аграр. наука, 2018. – Ч. 2: Науково-організаційні засади функціонування сільськогосподарської дослідної справи на теренах України (друга половина ХІХ – початок ХХІ ст.. – 616 с. – (Іст.-бібліогр. сер. «Аграрна наука України в особах, документах, бібліографії» ; кн. 106). [ Verhunov V.A. History of agricultural experimental work in Ukraine: in 3 parts/ V.A.Verhunov; National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine; National Scientific Agricultural Library ; Institute of History of Agrarian Science, Education and Technique.\–  Kyiv: Agrarian Science, 2018. Part 2. Scientific-organizational bases of functioning of agricultural experimental work on Ukrainian lands (the second half of the 19th - beginning of the 21st centuries). –  616 p. –  (Historical-bibliographic series "Agrarian science of Ukraine in persons, documents, bibliography", book 106). ]

Анотація [ Abstract ]

У 2-й частині книги за результатами багаторічних авторських досліджень історії зародження, становлення й розвитку сільськогосподарської дослідної справи в Україні та автономній республіці Крим розглянуто її еволюційний поступ як галузі знань та організації у контексті визначення понять і державної політики.

Книга розрахована на науковців, істориків природознавства, аспірантів, докторантів, викладачів, спеціалістів аграрної науки та всіх, хто цікавиться історією розвитку вітчизняної сільськогосподарської дослідної справи.

[ The second part of the complex work "Scientific and organizational principles of functioning of agricultural research in the territory of Ukraine (the second half of XIX - beginning of XXI centuries)" reflects the features of a multifaceted process of development of domestic agrarian research in the period of its active formation and evolutionary changes against the background of socio-economic and political changes and civilizational challenges of different eras. Approval of agricultural research case in Ukraine Vergunov looks through the lens of terminological analysis of the evolution of concepts and definitions, socio-political and socio-economic factors of its formation and, in particular, state regulation.

One of the important generalizations was the substantiation of the formalized formation of the domestic agricultural research case among the natural sciences as a field of knowledge and organization in the first half of the 80s of the XIX century. According to the author, this was due to the activity of a large galaxy of prominent domestic agrarian scientists and progressive owners, as well as the functioning of a system of complementary activities, primarily by the state. The author states: “… state support made it possible for domestic agriculture to develop markedly in the early twentieth century. and contributed to the fact that Ukraine has a leading position among the world's agricultural exporters".The author pays tribute to two prominent personalities in Ukrainian science - Professor VV Dokuchaev and Academician V.I. Vernadsky, whose achievements have most influenced the approval of agricultural research in Ukraine as a field of knowledge and as an organization. Particular attention is paid to the features of the development of agrarian experimentation on the Crimean peninsula, which originates from the creation in 1812 of the Nikita Botanical Garden. The first coordination centers for scientific support of agriculture were identified and the specifics of their activity were established. It was proved that the SOGCU, and later its successor, the NKR of the NCSD of the Ukrainian SSR in terms of statutory functions, organizational structure corresponded to the classical academic structure. Over time, only the filling, quantitative structuring of institutions and their names changed, and the very model of scientific support for agriculture through the SOGCU, NKR (NR) NCSD of the USSR, VUASGN, Ukrainian Branch of VASGNIL, department of agriculture. of Sciences of the USSR Academy of Sciences, UASGN, PV VASGNIL, NAAS is still valid.Moreover, on the basis of the historical experience and the latest knowledge of V.А. Vergunov proposed a modern model of agricultural research in Ukraine on the basis of regional construction of agricultural research business as an organization, namely: “due to the presence in each region of a separate regional agricultural research station with structural construction in accordance with the specialization of the region. They must do their work through a subordinate network of research facilities (fields, reference points, demonstration experiments, problem laboratories). The network is entrusted with the task of broadly implementing the results of theoretical studies of specialized research institutes (national scientific centers), whose activities extend beyond the boundaries of individual regions and soil and climatic zones, and their methodological guidance is carried out, if necessary, through regional research stations by problems. The overall coordination of the work plan is carried out by the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, which functions as an autonomous body under the line ministry, which is the main customer of the produced scientific products. ” At the same time, the scientist emphasizes the application of a prudent state approach based on the achievements and knowledge of agricultural scientists, who through creative institutional associations scientifically accompany the process of agriculture. ]