ISBN 978-966-540-475-0

Ukrainian Agronomic Soil Science: Textbook. In 2 parts; editor M.I. Polupan. Part 1: Historical stages of development. Soil formation factors. Regularities of soil formation on an ecological-genetic parametric systemic basis, their agronomic properties, and fertility. / Polupan M.I., Velychko V.A. - Kyiv: Agrarna nauka, 2019. 426 p.


The textbook is devoted to the soil resources of Ukraine, as an indispensable natural and economic potential for use in agricultural production to meet the needs of society with food products. Their great diversity is shown due to the component composition regarding the zonation of the ecological and genetic status of soils. The soil resources are shown to have a functionally systematic relationship between ecological conditions of formation, agronomic properties, and their productive capacity. Due to a large amount of information, the textbook is conventionally divided into two parts. The first part presents the historical stages of the formation of agro-soil science as fundamental science, parametric systematic development of zonal soil formation and formation of soil properties depending on their genetic nature, the quantitative functional relationship between modes and processes of soil formation, its types, fertility of soils as their anthropogenic biological property, factors of formation, its kinds, methods of determination and parameters of productive capacity of basic agricultural crops. The textbook "Ukrainian Agronomic Soil Science" presents basic information about soil resources of Ukraine in the aspect of agronomic orientation regarding their zonally determined ecological-genetic status of soils, their properties, productive capacity, protection, increase of fertility, and intelligent use.
It is recommended for the preparation of bachelors in agronomic higher education institutions of II–IV levels of accreditation in the field of «Agronomy», as well as for biological, geographical and other higher educational establishments, graduate students and a wide range of specialists related to the land cadastre of Ukraine, fertility assessment rational use of soils.