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УДК  63:001(477):025:171(06)

Вергунов В. А. Історія сільськогосподарської дослідної справи в Україні. У 3 ч. / ННСГБ НААН. – К.: Аграр. наука, 2018. – Ч. 3 : Урядові постанови. Відомчі рішення. Архівні матеріали. – 504 с. – (Іст.- бібліогр. сер. «Аграрна наука України в особах, документах, бібліографії» ; кн. 106). [ Verhunov V.A. History of agricultural experimental work in Ukraine: in 3 parts / V.A.Verhunov; National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine; National Scientific Agricultural Library; Institute of History of Agrarian Science, Education and Technique. - Kyiv: Agrarian Science, 2018. –  Part 3. Government decrees. Departmental decisions. Archival materials.–  504 p.–  (Historical-bibliographic series "Agrarian science in Ukraine in persons, documents, bibliography", book 106). ]

Анотація [ Abstract ]

У 3-й частині  книги представлено архівні документи та матеріали генеруючого характеру: «Урядові постанови. Відомчі рішення. Архівні матеріали», що концептуально й організаційно сприяли появі та подальшому розвитку галузевого дослідництва. Деякі з них вводяться до наукового обігу вперше. Книга розрахована на науковців, істориків природознавства, аспірантів, докторантів, викладачів, спеціалістів аграрної науки та всіх, хто цікавиться історією розвитку вітчизняної сільськогосподарської дослідної справи.

[ Particularly in Part 3: "Government Decisions. Departmental decisions. Archival Materials"presents archival documents and materials of a generative nature that conceptually and organizationally contributed to the emergence and further development of branch research. Some of them are introduced to scientific circulation for the first time. Its carefully arranged and allow everyone interested to plunge into the world of knowledge, responsibility, struggle, hard work, creative ups and downs.

The theoretical and methodological principles of monographic research are based on the widespread use of the principles of scientific search: historicism, objectivity, systematicity, continuity, complexity, multifactoriality, which ensure the integrity and comprehensiveness of important aspects of the evolutionary progress of domestic agrarian research. It became imperative to use a system of complementary methods: general, interdisciplinary, historical, as well as methods of historiographic, source, archival and terminological analysis.

The scientific novelty of the obtained results is that the work is the first scientific research in the national historiography, which comprehensively and objectively covers the development of scientific and organizational foundations of agricultural research work in the territory of Ukraine during the second half of the 19th – early 21st centuries.

Part 3 of the publication contains a preface that describes the essential features of the historiographic space of research problems and the practice of agricultural research work in the territory of Ukraine in the second half of the 19th – early 21st centuries; the most important stages of the process of branch research, factors of its scientific and organizational growth were revealed.

The peculiarities of the formation of the state policy of regulation of the development of the agrarian sector, conditional models of its practical application through the list of legislative acts (orders, regulations, resolutions, etc.), presented in chronological order regulating the organization of agricultural research work in the territory of Ukraine of the 19th – early 21th century were analyzed and presented to the general public.

The regulatory documents are presented as reprints of the original documents.

The publication is illustrated by applications to orders etc.

The originality of the monograph is in the voluminous personification of the periods of foundation, establishment and further development of agricultural research work in Ukraine in different forms of state system, accordingly, the level of economic and social life of the people. ]