Звернення до керівництва держави щодо подолання кризової ситуації у сфері охорони земель

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The purpose. To justify necessity of development of agrarian policy of Ukraine with the purpose to create favorable conditions for competitive development of agrarian sector of economy and solution of problems of vital activity of countrymen. Methods. Methodological and theoretical basis of the paper is the legislation of Ukraine, generalization of domestic scientists and the advanced world experience in formation of agrarian policy. Results. Basic components of agrarian policy of the state, as well as problem questions and directions of development of land relations, formation of agrarian sector are delineated. Ways of perfecting the system of financial-credit provision, price, tax and budgetary regulation of agrarian economy are offered. Methods are offered which should seize existence of shadow economy and limit monopolism in agrarian market. The important feature of modern agrarian policy should become the obligatory count of the demands of the Agreement on association between Ukraine and the European Union and realization of processes of decentralization of authority in the state. Conclusions. Results of researches can be a basis for formation of the balanced state agrarian policy for stable development of agrarian sector of economy and village terrains.